Payment methods

Credit Card


Thanks to Stripe, we offer a simple yet effective payment method so we can accept cerdit cards in our website. The transaction and your personal details are directly sent to Stripe, a known european payment provider, specialized in mobile and website payments.


Método de pago Paypal

PayPal is an American company, co-founded by Elon Musk, independent, belonging to the Internet e-commerce sector that allows the transfer of money between email users with an alternative to traditional paper methods such as checks or money orders. PayPal also processes payment requests in electronic commerce and other web services, for which charges a percentage to the seller. Most of their clientele comes from the eBay auction site online.

To pay with Paypal you do not need to create an account with them. When buying, choose this method of payment and Paypal lets you pay using your credit card regularly. PayPal is the online payment method most widely used in Spain, and probably in the world.



Bitcoin is a new kind of money. It is the first decentralized electronic currency not controlled by a single organization or government. It is an open source project, and is used by more than 100,000 people. Around the world people are trading hundreds of thousands of dollars in Bitcoin every day without any intermediary without credit card companies.

Bitcoin is the first digital currency that is completely distributed. The network consists of users like you so no bank or payment processor between seller and buyer is not required. This decentralization is the basis for Bitcoin’s security and freedom.

Bitcoin to send money online to anyone, anywhere in the world for less than a penny per transaction! Because it has no objections offer a discount of 20%.

Pay on Delivery


Pay on delivery is the means of online payment safer there on the internet buying and overall distance.

Bank Transfer

Transferencia Bancaria

We work with ING Direct. Make the bank transfer to the account indicated and use your name as a concept to allow us to identify the payment. As it has been confirmed, you will be notified by email and be shipping.


Comodo SSL

Your communication with our store is protected and encrypted with a security protocol 128 bit SSL issued by SSL. Comodo Positive SSL is a leading global provider of Identity and Trust Assurance on the Internet, with over 200,000 customers worldwide. Headquartered in Clifton, New Jersey, with offices in the UK, Ukraine, Norway and India, the company offers businesses and consumers of security services, authentication and smart security necessary to ensure trust in transactions online.

From providing certificates that put the trusted padlock on websites to patented technologies that lets internet users verify legitimate web content contained false, Comodo allows businesses and consumers to authenticate each other and protect their digital identities.

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