How does it work

What is Airstocking

Airstocking is a cosmetic product based on hydrolyzed silk that is applied directly to the skin via aerosol, covering irregularities to obtain a uniform, bright and homogeneous skin tone. The result is similar to that achieved by wearing a pantyhose, but with all the advantages of not wearing one!

Is it a self tanning product?

No. Self-tanners contain a molecule called DHA (dihydroxyacetone), which upon contact with the skin produces a chemical oxidation reaction ‘painting’ your dead cells. Airstocking does not contain DHA: It is a cosmetic product that leaves no trace upon disposal.


  • Airstocking is sweat and waterproof
  • Application is fast: In less than two minutes the substance dries and does not stain. Even in white clothes!
  • You can expose your pedicure with pride. No hidden cover that socks, pantyhose or stockings provide.
  • Different shades to suit every skin type.
  • Allows skin to breath.
  • It is not a self-tanning product, but it protects against the sun.
  • It can be easily removed with soap.

Where does it come from?

Airstocking CCMedico.Co is patented by MedicoCC Ltd., a Japanese company with over 30 years experience. Its formula contains hydrolyzed silk moisturizers, amino acids, green tea extracts and caffeine. It has been praised by the international media as Vogue, Elle and the New York Times. Its currently being exported to Asia , USA, Spain , France, Italy and the Middle East.

How many pairs of socks does a can of air stocking produce?

Between 20 and 30 applications per pack, however, the number of applications varies depending on the applied area.

Does it stain?

No, It is resistant to furniture and clothing unless it comes into contact directly after a fresh application. Allow (1 to 2 minutes) to dry, clean off any residue by washing with soap.

What happens if I get wet or sweat?

Nothing. It is waterproof. You can even get into the pool or even the sea.

Can I use it in the arms or cleavage?

Technically, yes. It is hypoallergenic and does not cause any harm.

How to use it

 instructions 1. Before use, it is important to shake the bottle vertically, about 10 times to evenly distribute the hydrolyzed silk, this avoids any settlement.
 user -2 2. Apply the spray between 15 and 20 cm from the skin making circles. You can invert the can if you need to. The distance is key, and requires a bit of practice: too far away, it will not be properly applied, but if it’s too close, you apply too much causing drips and runs.
 manual -4 3. Smooth in the Airstocking gently and evenly on your skin using your hands. Once applied, let it dry for a minute or two.
 manual -3 4. Once you’re done, remove with soap or bath gel, scrubbing it gently.

Airstocking Events

Airstocking has performed a series of events to show its products. The last one happened on the 27th of June, on C&A Palma de Mallorca, at the ‘ladies night 2014’, where guests could try different shades on stage and feel its texture, resistance and reliability.

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